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Research activities by Jacques-Bernard Gauthier in support of strategic development in the pharmacy department of the Gatineau CSSS.

A Mission and Developmental Directions for the CSSSG’s Pharmacy Department. 

Jacques-Bernard Gauthier is a promoter, along with Renaud de Camprieu, of the new Doctoral Program in Administration / Project Management
at UQO.

In the fall of 2013, the Doctoral Program in Administration/ Project Management will welcome its first students. Its two promoters developed this doctoral program specifically for practitioners of project management who want to carry out exhaustive research into the practices of project management.
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Jacques-Bernard Gauthier and reflexive and creative methods in project management

As a follow-up to a May 2013 visit with Mats Alvesson at the School of Economics and Management of the Lund University, Jacques-Bernard Gauthier is developing a new seminar on research methods for the UQO Doctorate in Administration/Project Management. Inspired by various authors such as Alvesson and his collaborators, Jacques-Bernard Gauthier is structuring this seminar around reflexive and creative activities, so as to encourage doctoral candidates to formulate research questions regarding project management practices that depart from the beaten path.

Photo: School of Economics and Management, University of Lund, Sweden